Traditional Room Line Drawing

With software-based Video Conferencing (such as Lync, Skype for Business) variables run amok: computers requiring updates, USB cameras, mics and other hardware of varying and questionable quality… Between the constant software updates and changes in the environment, your IT staff is essentially needed in every meeting. This is not a good use of your valuable resources.

In hardware-based Video Conferencing, integrators often add unnecessary complexity to add features and benefits that are rarely, if ever, used. Third party components introduce cost, redundancy, and a degraded user experience. Every room has a different user interface… Once again, users can rarely use the room without a specialist to help.

Room Ready Room Line Drawing

Room Ready exists to help you reduce variables and complexity in your video experience. We do this by using Cisco Products to form the core of your room. In the Room Ready model, a Cisco codec is your digital matrix, your DSP, your switcher, and your user interface. Whether you buy a Cisco all-in-one MX Series solution or their integrator standalone Codec, Room Ready deploys simple, dependable, and consistent room experiences.

Dependable, consistent and easy-to-use are all phrases your users should be using to describe their video experience. Complexity and variables are the enemies.

The Room Ready solution removes these enemies of functionality.

What good is an AV solution if it is barely usable?
We understand that the point is to have a system that anyone can use.