End User FAQ

Because you want an AV-enabled space that actually works. Think of us as an “Easy Button” for video conferencing. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is easy enough for anyone to use. And, we’re the first company in the world to get an integrated room solution certified as Cisco Compatible.

Traditional AV integrators think that value is achieved through complexity. What good is an AV solution if it is barely usable? We understand that the point is to have a system that anyone can use. All of the components that we install are setup and pre-configured before they ever get to you. This means minimum interruption and a system that works when we leave.

We have you check and verify each aspect of the installation using our “AV Room Test Results” iPad app. The room is done once you tell us it is done.

We get along great with IT departments. We understand that you have better things to do than answer, “Can you get this video conference going?” We know that you automatically inherit anything connected to the network, so we work with you to make sure that the solution works for both your people and your network.

Room Ready is leveraging several new inventions and proprietary information to create efficiencies and eliminate waste and redundant systems. Following our patented system, we save our customers an average of 30% in every room. (That’s about $15,000 in an average 8 to 12 person conference room.) By leveraging the full capabilities of the Cisco products (in a way that has been vetted by Cisco R&D and earned us the very first Cisco Compatible room integration certification), we have combined technologies such as acoustic echo cancellation, video switching, and control into our integrated platform, eliminating three separate systems.

Awesome! All of our solutions are engineered using InfoComm AV industry standards and AVAQ best practices. What does that mean to you? Quality. Crystal clear video with optional speaker tracking makes it seem as if you’re in the room. While it’s great to be able to see the people you’re talking with, audio quality makes or breaks it. The speakers we use are designed for superior speech intelligibility and high quality audio. That’s why we call it “better than being there!”

Absolutely. You’re the trusted advisor. And we want to make you heroes. You provide the Cisco equipment. We’ll be responsible for the additional AV components and services necessary. Your client gets a turn-key conference room and you get the credit. It’s a win-win-win.

Room Ready will provide all the necessary services to create the optimum experience in the room, but IT will need to provide all services necessary to register the codec to a Call Manager, MCU or VCS.

If you like, we can provide monthly reports detailing the room’s usage. This helps you ensure you’re maximizing your utilization. This service is included for one year. After that, it is available to you for $25/month per room.

Cisco Partner FAQ

Yes! Whether you’re talking 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 rooms, we’re here to support your customer. Our solutions are designed and built to be simple, reliable, and scalable. We have done multiple successful deployments across the lower 48 states with a couple successful global deployments under out belts, as well.

Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. RoomReady follows a strict methodology to make ensure minimal downtime of your room. Click to see our process.

Yes! We have developed a Customer Satisfaction Survey that reports the quality of the call. We’ve further developed it to be fully capable of Spark Integration. Check out this demo!

Yes. We provide all of the integration services to make the room work. However, the IT Partner is responsible for network readiness and registering the codec to Call Manager, Bridge, etc.

No! You procure and sell the Cisco gear the same way you do today. We can help you procure and sell Room Ready the same way you buy Cisco gear (through a distributor) or build a direct relationship with us.

Beyond the simple, reliable, and scalable room solutions, here are a few that we’re excited about…

  • Minimal time onsite – Their room stays their room!
  • All gear racked neatly behind displays in our patented Rack Mount. (i.e. no added expense for credenza or taking up closet for A/V gear)
  • Access to all of our Cisco innovations like Touch10 Wall Mount, Touch10 Customer Satisfaction Survey, and Spark Integration.
  • Access to our online analytics, and basic support portal.

Typically, we can deploy a room within 4 weeks of receiving a PO. Let us know if you’re in a tight spot and need it to be quicker. Our fastest turn around to date is handing over a three display room with an SX80 and SpeakerTrack60 – 7 days after receipt of the order.

Yes. We have a solution that will show room status and room utilization. You can see how video is being consumed.

If you want us, we can. We will work with you to create an SLA to compliment your existing managed service offering.

That’s up to you. We don’t tell you how much to mark it up, but we do give partners a better discount than end-users as incentive to sell volume. We’d love to talk about how to price to win! Everyone wins the more rooms we Room Ready!